Change your mindset, change your life.


Are you feeling stuck one or multiple areas of your life or business? Do you often find yourself knowing what you want to do but unable to figure out how or where to start?

ADHD Coaching offers a highly individualized, collaborative and goal-oriented process. Together, we work to persistently help you feel empowered to achieve your goals and full potential.

For Women

You are in the right place if...

If you are like so many of my clients, you want to make changes but desire guidance and support!

In my coaching program, we get right to the root issue - your mindset! 

You will gain the self-awareness and mindset to resolve self-regulation challenges. This process can help you uncover your individual motivators, develop strategies for success, and ensure that you are equipped with a toolkit for success to live your best life.

  • You have ADHD or Executive Dysfunction - no diagnosis needed.
  • You can function in areas of your day-to-day life but struggle with time-management, organization, procrastination, perfectionism, and you have trouble setting and reaching goals.
  • Regulating emotions is difficult – This can look like being quick to anger, distractibility, impulsivity, lack of motivation, and boredom.
  • Getting started is difficult as well as consistently following through.
  • Life balance is a challenge and feelings of overwhelm are common.
  • Negative thoughts stop you from making progress.
  • You desire the ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance

 Coaching is not boring or  overwhelming. 
Consistency is not expected...but PERSISTENCE
is a must!

A program made specifically for my fellow women ADHDers going through similar struggles. The results are transformative!

Sounds Amazing, Right?


Weekly small group or Individual sessions


Weekly tips, resources,
& Strategies to help you grow


Unlimited Email or Text support between Sessions

Coaching Includes

12 Week program

Group Coaching

2 1:1 coaching calls 
10 weekly group calls (6 max)
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Per session or Bundle

1:1 Coaching

Groups not your jam?
We can meet individually for a personalized experience to dive deep and crush your goals!

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Access to weekly office hours

Access to private Accountability  group 

Plus, these bonuses!

Opportunities for body doubling

Eligibility to Join The "Momentum Maintenance" Group 

In this coaching program, you'll learn to:

  • Interrupt the procrastination/perfectionism cycle
  • Manage big emotions and maintain a sense of calm in stressful moments
  • Understand the ins and outs of ADHD and how to manage it
  • Learn and apply strategies to stay on task and maintain attention
  • To start (and complete!) tasks in a reasonable timeframe
  • Develop time management systems to combat overwhelm
  • Get organized (and maintain it!)
  • Manage your money
  • Manage your thoughts

Group vs Individual Coaching


Group coaching is a cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching while still delivering powerful results.


Learning and mindset is enhanced from being surrounded with others who experience the same struggles.


A small connected group is the perfect antidote to feeling alone with struggles. This is a place where you will feel seen and understood. 

Many people believe they want my 1:1 support. That may be you. Individual sessions offers privacy as well as the ability to tailor each session to your unique needs as they arise. The time is yours and you choose the pace and direction. 
For the benefits of group coaching read on...

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does it take to see results?

It depends on the work you put in, your goals, your drive, and the frequency of sessions. Clients - on average - take 8-12 sessions in 1:1 coaching before they report seeing desired results.

Do I have to use my 1:1 Bundle of Sessions within a month?

No! Feel free to use them at your own pace. 1 session per week is recommended, not required.

Do you take insurance?

No. Unfortunately, coaching is not covered under insurance. 

Can I use my HSA or FSA account to cover coaching costs? 

Clients have reported that using an invoice from MMA has allowed them to use or be reimbursed by their HSA or FSA given that they have an ADHD diagnosis. This is not guaranteed. Please check with your company ahead of time.

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