I’m here to help you to design success strategies to harness your strengths and minimize the challenges of ADHD and to guide you on how to live an empowered life!


Overcome overwhelm, get back on track, and achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals!     

ADHD Life Coaching
Women & Students 

I am a certified life and executive function coach for adult women and college students with ADHD or executive function challenges (diagnosed or not). 

My customized process helps you overcome overwhelm and chaos, manage day-to-day life, and achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals. 

 Whether you are college bound, an emerging adult, or trying to manage life at any phase, I can HELP!

If you are ready to feel competent, confident, hopeful, and happy read on by clicking below. 

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Clients come to Coaching for...

How can ADHD Coaching Help?

  • Organization systems at work, school, and home

  • Improving focus on priorities and productivity at home, work, and school.

  • Accountability...to yourself and others

  • Simpler, smarter habits, and routines

  • Improving time management

  • Gaining self-awareness

  • Setting and accomplishing goals

  • Improving study and homework skills

  • Improving relationships and communication skills

  • Strategies to conquer procrastination

EF skill vary among all of us...

ADHD & Executive Function Skills

ADHD encompasses some core executive function skill deficits that are essential to managing your day-to-day demands at school, work, and home. Whether you're doing a paper, paying bills, or meeting deadlines, you rely on core abilities like time management, organization, planning, and more to do just about everything. You can risk academic, career, and relationship stability when executive dysfunction is a chronic, unaddressed problem.

Discover your executive function skills profile to see what areas may need support by clicking below.

For college or college bound students with ADHD or executive function weaknesses. 

Coaching can help you develop strategies, hone independence/self-advocacy skills, understand how to transition successfully to college, and manage life stressors typical for college life (and beyond).

 You will begin to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and academic demands.

Let me partner with your student to maximize their executive functions!


For parents of adolescents that want to understand how ADHD can impact your student's life in and out of school. These sessions will give you the tools and resources  to help them succeed at school.

 This process can include help in navigating the 504/IEP process as well as how to get proper support from the school or find outside resources.

If you are feeling lost and confused with your ADHD teen, I can help find solutions. 

For women feeling stuck and want to move forward in one or more areas of life.

There can be significant adjustments that adults with ADHD need to make in their daily lives.

Coaching can help you find life balance and focus with an approach that is conducive to a successful career and personal life.

Let's partner and design success strategies to live an empowered life!

This journey doesn't have to be a lonely one! 

Group coaching offers an affordable and powerful way to remain accountable with the support of other adults and your ADHD life coach.

​ Group members can feel relief and gain more confidence in knowing they are not alone with their ADHD. They can expect to grow and make progress towards increased self-awareness, create action plans to overcome obstacles, and move toward their goals.   






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Executive Function Skills QUIZ


ADHD or not, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Whether you're doing a paper, paying bills, or meeting deadlines, core abilities such as time management, organization, planning, emotion regulation, and more are essential to do just about everything! 

See how your executive functioning skills are serving you by taking this quick and easy QUIZ!